2nd VII Gala Day

Game 1 Trinity vs Newington Lost 3-7

Notwithstanding the result the game was much closer than the score would indicate. Trinity got off to a slow start with a couple of simple errors allowing Newington to get out to a 2-0 lead. For the remainder of the game Trinity matched Newington goal for goal and it was only two goals to Newington very late in the game which allowed the score to blow out. Best for Trinity were Reilly Large (11Hi) whose high work rate nullified many Newington attacks and created opportunities for Trinity and Thomas Linfield-Kent (12Du) who defended well and controlled our attack.  

Scorers : Alex Leckie (11Ho) 2 and Reilly Large (11Hi) goals


Game 2 Trinity vs Knox Won 7-4

A far different game to the first hit out, with Trinity leading the scoring from the start of the and always being in control. Alex Leckie (11Ho) led the scoring, slotting home a number of powerful shots. Nathan Rohr (12Ho), Fergus McCrory (11Du), Reilly Large (1Hi), Thomas Linfield-Kent (12Du) added to the tally, each scoring a goal. Best for Trinity were Alex Leckie (11Ho) with his strong centre forward play, Thomas Linfield-Kent (12Du) with his centre back work, as well as controlling our play, and Reilly Large (11Hi) with his high work rate both in attack and defence.

Scorers : Alex Leckie (11Ho) 3, Reilly Large (11Hi), Nathan Rohr (12Ho), Fergus McCrory (11Du) and Thomas Linfield-Kent (12Du) goals

Congratulations to Jacob Gadiel (12Mu), Ryan Hansen (11We) and Kai Young (10We) who have been selected in the CAS Water Polo Team to contest the Combined Independent Schools’ Championships.

Erkin Shagaev | Director of Water Polo