Year 10 spent part of Week 2 in Academic Conference – an event that has now become a key part of the Senior School calendar. Trinity staff worked to design the conference, titled ‘Next Level’, upon two fundamental principles. Firstly, that successful learning is not something done to you, but with  someone who has the expertise and experience to guide you in embracing new challenges; and secondly, that it is no longer sufficient to only teach students content, but that the role of education is also to teach students how to learn. As 21st century innovator Tony Wagner quite bluntly asserts, 'The world doesn't care what you know. What the world cares about is what you do with what you know.'

The purpose of this time spent on cross-curriculum learning skills was made clear to the boys: empowerment to step up into the demands of Senior School by equipping them with strategies to advance their personal academic journey. The core of the conference saw boys participating in an initial plenary session opened by the Head Master. The boys were then introduced to the components of an ‘academic mindset’, encouraged to accept responsibility, build a growth focus and step into as many academic challenges as they were offered during their time in Senior School.  Workshops on Tuesday were elected, handing to the boys responsibility to select the sessions that would most effectively challenge them. While they were invited to work with senior teachers in discipline based ways (English, History, Mathematics and Science) they could also choose to practice broader capabilities such as goal setting, critical thinking and research skills.  In addition to learning with Trinity staff, the boys worked with ELEVATE Study Skills and Morrisby Career Profiling.

Year 10 are to be congratulated on the fine way they conducted themselves throughout the Conference. They did indeed step up into the responsibility of choice, the opportunity to engage in relevant conversations about learning, and the need to reflect on not only where they are now as a learner, but more importantly, what kind of learner they wish to become.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean and Heath De Lany | Master of the Senior School