Come and learn about the opportunities to expand your horizons in Mathematics and its Applications!

Mathematics is a universal part of human culture. It helps us to recognise patterns and understand the world around us. Mathematics plays a vital and often unseen role in many aspects of modern life. Business and industry need workers who can solve real-world problems, explain their thinking to others, identify and analyse trends in data, and use modern technology. The University of Technology Sydney prides itself on producing Mathematicians who are capable of achieving this goal for business and industry.

The evening will consist of the following workshop sessions:

Workshop on Mobius Maths: There is more to maths than you might realise – the graphics in animations and video games have improved thanks to maths, maths can make or break a building design, maths can even be used to tell a love story! In this workshop we will cover these examples and more in an engaging look at some of the unexpected applications of maths.

Creativity Counts: Is mathematics only about blindly applying rules and formulae? No! Contrary to popular belief, creativity and mathematics are very much linked. Through hands-on activities, you will see that mathematics makes use of creativity. You will also experience that simple mathematics can be used to great effect when creatively applied. No textbooks, all brains!


Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 6:00pm-8:00pm (Refreshments will also be served)

at Trinity Grammar School, Science Block Room 2.3

Students and parents are welcome to attend this special event!

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For all enquiries please contact: Dr Fred Osman | MIC Mathematics Club 
phone 9581 6040 or email