I was a ‘Super Proud’ Housemaster on Quad on Thursday morning as two of Stephenson House’s finest young men, Doug Kelly (10St) and Christopher Stelzer (10St) delivered the following two speeches to the School.



Good morning Head Master, staff and men of the School. My name is Doug Kelly from Year 10 Stephenson and I have cerebral palsy. I am here to talk to you about the Krazy Kosci Climb that I will be participating in. The event is to raise $300,000 for the cerebral palsy alliance to go towards a new gym. The gym will be used to increase self-esteem and independence for people and children with cerebral palsy.

And yes! I will be climbing mount Kosciuszko!

It will be a huge challenge as it will be 18km, but I will be with friends to encourage and cheer me on. I would love it if you would donate to this awesome cause and bring a donation on mufti day.

Thank you for your support.     



Good morning Head Master, staff and boys of the School.

As Doug said, next Friday he will be climbing Mt Kosciuszko for charity. I’ve known Doug since Year 7 and he has always shown tremendous courage in not letting his disability define him. Climbing Kosciuszko is another example of this courage. So the Charity Committee would like to support Doug and those living with cerebral palsy by holding a mufti day. The money from this mufti day will go to the cerebral palsy alliance where they will use it to make a new gym to help people with CP become more independent. The mufti day will be held on Tuesday 13th February and the same rules apply as with every other mufti day: no singlets or open shoes and a note donation is encouraged. Remember your school shoes if you have a DT lesson. Hopefully we will be able to get behind Doug and make this one of the most successful mufti days ever.

Thank you.

More info can be found by following these links. Please be generous in your support of Doug next Tuesday for Trinity’s ‘Krazy Kosci Climb Mufti Day’ and if you are inclined to do so, you can follow the links to Doug’s Team: ‘RUN KELLYS RUN’ to donate directly.



Did I say I was ‘Super Proud’!

Michael Spratt | Stephenson Housemaster

Christopher Stelzer (10St) and Doug Kelly (10St) about to address Quad Assembly.