Daniel Seo 8Du Matthew Robertson Du Samuel hohne 9Ke Andy Lee FoPacific School Games 2017 

Trinity Grammar School was represented by 7 students in 22 Individual events and 7 Relays at the Pacific School Games Swimming Championships, held on Monday 4th to Saturday 9th of December 2017 at the South Australian Aquatic Centre, Marion Adelaide.

Pacific School Games Swimming Championships was the final meet in what was an exciting School Swimming Season for 2017. This meet featured swimmers from each state and territory in Australia as well as swimmers from New Zealand, Fiji, Macau, China, India and Singapore.  It was a highly competitive meet with each boy doing his best to achieve some impressive results. More importantly the meet provided the boys with a valuable and enjoyable experience that they are unlikely to forget.

Hayden Hoang (P5) qualified with one of the individual biggest programmes in the team. He raced in 6 individual events and won 5 gold. His performances in the backstroke events were very convincing, showing his talent and determination. Winning Gold in both the 10 years 100m Backstroke (1:07.78) and 50m Backstroke (31.54).

Samuel Hohne (9Ke) best swim of his meet came in the 200 IM winning gold (2:17.85). His diligence to race preparation was one of the qualities that made him a strong competitor throughout the meet.

Johnathan Nam (P4) showed great passion and strength in his favourite event to overcome his competitors, winning gold in the 10 Years 100m Breaststroke (1:22.39).

Other results from Pacific School Games include Jonathan Nam (4) 10 Years Age Group; 100 Breaststroke Gold, 50 Breaststroke 5th. Hayden Hoang (5) 11 years Age Group; 200 Individual Medley Gold, 50 Butterfly Gold, 50 Freestyle 6th, 100 Backstroke Gold, 100 Butterfly Gold, 50 Backstroke Gold. Adrian Barrett (9Fo) 13-14 year Age Group; 400 Individual Medley Silver. Euan Germanos (9He) 13-14 years Age Group; 200 Backstroke 7th, 50 Backstroke 12th, 400 Individual Medley 4th. Samuel Hohne (9Ke) 13-14 years Age Group; 200 Individual Medley Gold, 200 Freestyle 4th, 200 Butterfly 4th. Samuel Xu (9WH) 13-14 years Age Group; 100 Breaststroke 5th, 400 Freestyle 8th, 200 Breastroke 6th. Patrick Jiang (12St) 15-16 years Age Group; 100 Breaststroke 5th, 50 Breaststroke 6th.

Andrew Aebi | Coach of Swimming


Sam Hohne (9Ke)


Hayden Hoang (5Sc)


NSW 12 and Under State Championships 2017/18

Trinity Grammar School was represented by 8 students in 26 Individual Events and 2 Relays at the NSW 12 and Under State Age Swimming Championships, held on Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th of December 2017 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush Sydney.

NSW 12 and Under State Championships was the pinnacle meet of the year in the state for swimmers 12 years and under. For Hayden Hoang (P5) and Johnathan Nam (P4) it was their second championship meet in two weeks as they were competing in Adelaide at the Pacific School Games the week before. Coming off a successful week in Adelaide, the boys kept the momentum going for some excellent results.

Hayden Hoang (P5) had another large programme of swimming. He swam superbly by obtaining medals in 5 out of 6 events: 3 of them Gold in the 11 years 200 Individual Medley (2:33.56), 100 Backstroke (1:08.60) and 200 Backstroke (2:27.45).

Jonathan Nam (P4) was still in great form after his golden performance at Pacific School Games. He repeated this in the 10 Years 100 Breaststroke winning Gold in a time of 1:22.72.

Other top ten placings include Jonathan Nam (P4) 10 Years Age Group; 200 IM Silver and 100 Breaststroke Gold. Roy Ma (P4) 10 Years Age Group; 100 Backstroke 5th. Hayden Hoang (P5) 11 years Age Group; 200 Individual Medley Gold, 100 Freestyle Bronze, 50 Freestyle 5th, 200 Freestyle Silver, 100 Butterfly 4th, 100 Backstroke Gold, 200 Backstroke Gold. Cooper Twine (J6) 12 years Age Group; 100 Backstroke 5th and 200 Backstroke 8th.

Andrew Aebi | Coach of Swimming


2017-2018 NSW 13-18 Years State Age Swimming Championships

SOPAC 15-20/12/2017

During the Summer holidays, Trinity Grammar School was very well represented at the NSW 13-18 Years State Age Swimming Championships with a total of 36 students competing across the 6 days of competition.  Our boys were the recipients of 27 hard-earned medals (10 Gold, 9 Silver, 8 Bronze) along with numerous finalists and personal best times.  Overall Trinity Grammar Swimming Club finished in second position on the club point score board behind the much larger Carlisle Swimming Club, and 632 points in front of the combined Knox Pymble Club who finished in third position. 


Gold Medallists

Daniel Seo (8Du) 13 Years 200m Breaststroke 2:32.20

Adrian Barrett (9Fo) 14 Years 400m Individual Medley 4:49.49

Andy Lee (9Fo) 14 Years 200m Individual Medley 2:16.24 and 14 Years 100m Breaststroke 1:10.08

Garry Koshnitsky (10Mu) 15 Years 100m Breaststroke 1:08.11

Matthew Ng (11Ke) 15 Years 200m Breaststroke 2:29.19

Angus McDonald (11Sc) 16 Years 100m Freestyle 51.99

Nathan Zhu (13Ke) 17-18 Years 100m Breaststroke 1:05.24 and 17-18 Years 200m Breaststroke 2:20.52

13-14 Years 4 x 50 Medley Relay (A Team) 1:54.73 (E.Germanos, S.Xu, A.Lee, S.Hohne)


Silver Medallists

Daniel Seo (8Du) 13 Years 100m Breaststroke 1:10.21

Jason Yeou (9We) 13 Years 400m Individual Medley 4:58.27

Samuel Hohne (9Ke) 14 Years 200 Individual Medley 2:16.42, 14 Years 100m Freestyle 54.49, 14 Years 200m Freestyle 1:58.96

Angus McDonald (11Sc) 16 Years 50m Freestyle 24.17

Alan Paradzik (11We) 16 Years 200m Freestyle 1:55.78

13-14 Years 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay 1:42.46 (A.Lee, D.Seo, S.Hohne, M.Robertson)

13-16 Years 4 x 100 Medley Relay 3:58.65 (A.Paradzik, P.Jiang, R.Hansen, A.McDonald)


Bronze Medallists

Daniel Seo (8Du) 13 Years 400m Individual medley 4:58.41

Jiangtian Xia (8Fo) 13 years 200m Breaststroke 2:33.72

Jason Yeou (9We) 13 years 200m Butterfly 2:22.61

Elliott Earnshaw (11Sc) 16 Years 100m Breaststroke 1:07.53 and 16 Years 200m Breaststroke 2:28.27

13-14 Years 4 x 50 Medley Relay (B Team) 1:58.33 (M.McPartland, D.Seo, T.Jin, M.Robertson)

13-16 Years 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay 3:36.04 (A.Paradzik, E.Brouw, S.Hohne, A.McDonald)

13 – 18 years 4 x 100 Medley Relay 3:55.18 (A.Paradzik, N.Zhu, R.Hansen, A.McDonald)

After 6 full days and nights of competition, there were numerous highlights throughout the week.  Some special mentions go to:

Matthew Ng (11Ke) on realising one of his sporting dreams and winning his maiden long course State Championship.  Right from the starting signal, Matthew took command of the 4 lap event and was over a body-length ahead of his rivals with 1 lap remaining.  

Ethan Brouw (10Ta) for attaining his first National Age qualifying time.  This is a huge achievement for this very talented multi-sport athlete, and one which is very well deserved.

The finalists in the 14 Years 200m Individual Medley on night 1.  This event set a great tone for our meet as it was awash with Green and White caps, and we nearly achieved the unthinkable.  Trinity finished this event in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th position.  Congratulations to Andy Lee (9Fo), Samuel Hohne (9Ke), Adrian Barrett (9Fo) and Euan Germanos (9He) for displaying such a dominant, yet humble ,performances.

These fantastic results could not be possible without the support of the School community.  Apart from having access to wonderful long-course training facilities, the camaraderie and respect shown within our swimming team are something to be admired.  Although swimming may be an individual sport, we definitely are stronger as a team. 

And finally, a huge thank you to our CAS Swimming MIC, Mrs Anna Giuliani, who gave up a week of her holidays and attended every night of the week-long finals.  The dedication and support which she gave our team throughout the week was tremendous.

Benjamin Tuxford | Director of Swimming

Front: Samuel Xu (10WH), Andy Lee (9Fo), Euan Germanos (9He), Tom Jin (10Yo), Michael McPartland (9Hi) back: Daniel Seo (8Du), Samuel Hohne (9Ke),  Matthew Robertson (9Du)

Samuel Hohne (9Ke), Ethan Brouw (10Ta), Angus McDonald (11Sc), Alan Paradzik (11We)

Adrian Barrett (9Fo)

Matthew Ng (11Ke)

​​Daniel Seo (8Du), Matthew Robertson (9Du) Samuel Hohne (9Ke) and Andy Lee (9Fo)

Andy Lee (9Fo) and Samuel Hohne (9Ke)


CAS Swimming Training Camp 22nd- 25th January 2018

Before our departure, the Swim Team were privileged to be the first group of boys whom Trinity’s new Headmaster Mr Bowden, addressed. He told us that, along with the rest of his family, he too was a swimmer. We all then loaded the three buses and were on our way to Woollamia, with the first stop being Jamberoo for some fun water activities, prior to what was sure to be a very intense training camp. Upon arriving at the Field Studies Centre we had a team meeting to ensure that everyone understood that to get the most out of the camp, a serious attitude was required. We all needed to recognise that the benefits from the camp were only going to be realised if effort and commitment was put into our training sessions.

After the first intensive training session the next day, the team went to the Woollamia boat ramp to do Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It was one of the most exciting activities on the camp, as it provided the perfect escape from the structured routine that we all followed so closely. It required balance and power in order to effortlessly paddle up a beautiful river leading us to Huskisson Beach. Many of the boys had never done it before and so it proved to be very challenging as the coordination needed was quite immense. We were given either a monster board which accommodated up to 8 people, or a single board. The monster board allowed for the boys to work as a team to ensure that both sides were paddling at the same rate, while the single board allowed for independence. Despite the current not being on our side, everyone had a great time and it allowed for a perfect environment for the younger and older students to bond.

The third day saw the team travel to Huskisson. Although the weather was not great, the boys still took full advantage of the day, exploring rock pools, taking a dip in the ocean baths or simply sitting down to the ‘best fish and chips’ for lunch. The boys wrapped up their day in Huskisson with an ice cream or milkshake before another intense session at Nowra Pool in the afternoon. 

Before heading back home on the last day, we all came together as one and completed our last demanding training session at the Nowra Pool. It was one of the hardest sets any of the swimmers have ever faced; however, each and every one continued to give it his all while motivating each other to complete the set with everything he had. After the pain, the boys proudly linked arms in a circle, waiting to listen to some encouraging words from the coaches. The boys on the camp certainly realised how much effort and determination was required, with the main aim of proving that they deserved to be a part of the 2018 CAS swimming team. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our hard-working coaches, Mr Tuxford and Mr Aebi as well Mrs Giuliani for making the camp such a worthwhile experience; one which we are unlikely to forget.

Patrick Jiang, Lucas Baita and Andy Pich | Captains of Swimming


From the MIC

This is sure to be a very busy and challenging Term but with the 87th CAS Swimming Championships being held on Thursday the 15th of March, it is one which our swimmers look forward to with great anticipation. After a very intense training camp before Term 1 even started, our coaches and swimmers have continued to toil relentlessly. This week saw the start of our lunch time School Championships with some seriously good times and swims in the 200m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly and Backstroke and Breaststroke events. Next week we look forward to more lunch time events where swimmers will ultimately be competing to emerge as Age Champions or even the Overall School Champion. We will complete the week with a CAS Invitational Meet taking place at SOPAC on Friday night where the boys will be able to gain valuable race experience against some good swimmers in the other CAS schools. This is sure to be a worthwhile experience in the lead up to the CAS Championships.

Anna Giuliani | MIC


Champions are not only in the Pool

Coming very soon on the School Calendar is the CAS Swimming Championship at Olympic Park on March 15.  Our Squad is well into its intensive training, and the boys are supported by a magnificent team of parents, of whom surely among those who are tops are the dedicated souls who provide the Wednesday Breakfasts for the team. The Mums and Dads involved provide excellently barbequed steaks or sausages and eggs served on a huge bun,   while pancakes also are often featured. All this is accompanied with fruits such as watermelon, and always with a smoothie which, tasting as delicious as it does, must contain magical ingredients to enhance the boys’ abilities! Elsewhere in this Bulletin are the more prosaic details of the Squad’s training regime, but this is a small tribute to the Mums and Dads who  look after the Inner Man with their gastronomic goodies!

Ron Ogier