88th CAS Track and Field Championships

With only one remaining Saturday competition to go before the 88th CAS Track and Field Championship, the countdown has begun in earnest for our athletes and their coaches. The 2017 Track and Field season will no doubt come to a most exciting conclusion next Thursday evening at SOPAC, Homebush. I have been both pleased and impressed with the commitment of our staff and dedicated athletes who have been well supported by enthusiastic parents during the course of this brief but intense sporting season. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our Year 12 athletes who are supporting the team and the School at a time when they have added pressures associated with end of academic year examinations and final HSC/IB preparations before formal classes conclude for them at the end of this term.

The challenge of performing well at the CAS Track and Field Championship is indeed a daunting one, for the standard is at the highest schoolboy level, but one that is worthy of the mettle of our boys and I am sure they will acquit themselves well on the day. I sense there is a positive esprit de corps throughout the team and that both coaches and athletes are in a good position, physically and mentally, to give of their best in what will no doubt prove to be another outstanding CAS Track and Field Championship. Whilst by no means favourites for this year’s title, there is an emerging momentum developing which will ensure our team is extremely competitive on the day. It will now be up to the rest of the School to accept responsibility for our part, which will be to give them the support that they deserve as we cheer them on from the grandstands.