On the evening of Wednesday 6 September, Trinity Grammar School Celebrated the Success and Opportunities of being involved with the School Based Traineeship programme by hosting a 7 minute Spotlight Presentations in Bringing Traineeships to Life from our students who have chosen to make Vocational Education a first choice and a recognised educational pathway at Trinity.

Our School’s Vocational Education programme is focused on engaging students in practical and meaningful education that equips them with industry-recognised skills while exercising and expanding minds and imaginations. It is all part of our commitment to providing an extensive range of education programmes to help students realise their talents, passions and purpose in life.

Vocational Education is a pathway leading to great jobs which providing a good quality of life for everyone. The VET sector brings opportunities in building connections with hands-on learning. The School Based Traineeships programme has provided an opportunity for our students with real-world learning opportunities and pathways to ensure that they become highly skilled and career-ready.

The format of the evening was designed to:

  • Give our students a chance to reflect on their traineeship experience;
  • Showcase the employability skills that the students learn in the workplace that may set them up for meaningful pathways to further training and work when they finish school;
  • Give our students the opportunity to liaise and reflect with other students, employers, parents and teachers;
  • Congratulate our young men who are involved with this Vocational Pathway.

The theme consistently discussed during the evening was the importance of the role of employer with our School Based Trainees in providing wonderful opportunities in learning new skills of work in the real world. The SBT has helped the boys in understand what the industry has to offer and the benefits it can provide with real-world learning opportunities and pathways to ensure that they become highly skilled and career-ready.

The School thanks all the employers who have partnered with the Students in providing employment as part of their School Based Traineeship Programme. We are grateful to George Giannarus from Carrington Electrical; David Murrie from Trippas White Group; Dean Brown from Dean Brown Constructions; Andrew Weston from Andrew Weston Plumbing; Steven Barnett from SBE Contracting; Harry Ivison from Ivison Constructions; Alex Silva from Big Picture Australia and Thanh Tran from 32 Hundred Lighting.

Congratulations to all our boys in the success and opportunity of being involved with the School Based Traineeship Programme. For our exiting Year 12 boys, it is encouraging to see that this programme has provided them with further pathways in securing apprenticeships and further employment opportunities after School. We wish our boys all the very best in their future endeavours.

Dr Frederick Osman | Director of Vocational Education and RTO Manager (Careers Education)



1: Dr Frederick Osman, with our School Based Trainees

2: Fernando Ravello from Training Services NSW with Nicholas Capovilla (12Ho) and Lauren Curtis from Apprenticeship Support Australia

3: George Varvaressos (12La) reflecting on his recent worksite with Andrew Weston Plumbing

4: Nathan Bull (11Du) showcasing his recent production set-up with 32 Hundred Lighting

5: Zachary Harrison (11Hi), with his employer Harry Ivison and Dr Frederick Osman