Sculpture art club


Our boys in the sculpture art club this term had fun with plaster and mould making techniques this term.

Pinkysil moulds were a hit and the boys were able to use them again and again to create multiples of their hamburger pieces.

Alginate was used for the casting of boys’ hands. This process required them to sit still for 20 minutes while the mould was setting. Not an easy task for our boys!

We also created ceramic heads, teacups. Each boy created his own art club cup using a mould and casting clay.


Next term Junior School Art club for Years 3 to 6 will run on a Wednesday after school. We will be taking our new easels out into the school environment to create canvas paintings outdoors. Each boy will also be given a small sketch book for miniature drawings of the school buildings. In the art room we will use the drawings as inspiration for ceramic pieces.



Infants’ art club


The infants have had fun learning about weaving techniques and enjoyed making felt balls using soap and rolling the wet soggy fibres around in their hands.  They also practised their fine motor skills using needles and yarns to embellish their felt work. The boys loved the embellishing sewing machine and learned how to use the machine to stamp yarns and fibres into their felt backing pieces.

Next term the club will focus on ceramic skills. Pinch pot – slab and coil hand building. Christmas will provide the inspiration for 3D and 2D works later in the term.


Ronnie Pratt