Monday 11th September to Friday 15th September, 2017


Monday 11/9/17 – Xin Zhou, Angelina Huali, Bishan Chen​

Tuesday 12/9/17 – Smiths Simonds, Tracey Menegazzo

Wednesday 13/9/17 – Shenuka Nagaratnam, Volunteer Needed

Thursday 14/9/17 – Liying Yan, Chi Dao

Friday 15/9/17 – Michelle Hoang, Volunteer Needed​


Please Note- When ordering your child’s lunch, could you please write a separate bag for drinks and hot food. 

We are in need of volunteers on Wednesdays and Fridays, if you can spare some time to volunteer just one day a month, please call Mary Saba on 8732 4654.​

Mary Saba | Canteen Manager