NSW Schools Track and Field Knockout Championships – SOPAC 31/08/2017.


On a cold a windy night our boys continued to perform when it counts, the times for the track events were a little down with headwinds being registered over 5mps but this didn’t deter our performance. For the first time Trinity managed to clean sweep the medal tally winning each of the three categories; Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Looking through the history of this competition this is the first time a Male team has been able to win all age categories since its inception back in the 1980’s. All teams will now progress to the National finals to be held in Adelaide in early December, 2017.


Junior Category results;


  1. Trinity Grammar School – 7,512 points
  2. Knox Grammar School – 7,317 points
  3. Barker College – 6,991 points
  4. St Aloysius College – 6,963 points


Theo Kidd (8WJ) 100m 12.27s – 3rd place, 100mHurdles 14.46s – 1st place

James Park (9Yo) 100m 12.60s – 4th place

Theo Christian (8He) 800m 2:13.10s – 2nd place

Owen Peck (8Fo) 800m 2:18.42s – 6th place

Finn Murphy (9Ta) Long Jump 5.30m – 2nd place

Hunter Hannaford (8Du) Javelin 34.68m – 4th place, Shot Put 9.40m – 7th place

4 x 200m Relay – 2nd place; Theo Kidd, Finn Murphy, James Park, Hunter Hannaford – 1:44.65s


Intermediate Category results;


  1. Trinity Grammar School – 11,826 points
  2. Barker College – 11,101 points
  3. Knox Grammar School – 11,098 points
  4. Westfields High School – 10,986 points
  5. St Aloysius – 10,923 points
  6. Trinity Grammar School (team 2) – 10,477 points


Team 1.

Justin McNamara (10Sc) 100m 11.99s – 6th place, 200m 24.04s – 6th place

Isaac Sharwood (10Ho) 100m 12.10s – 9th place

Thomas Virgona (9St) 800m 2.02.39 – 2nd place

Luke Cunningham (11He) 800m 2.04.52 – 4th place

Angus Clark (11WH) 100mHurdles 14.87s – 5th place, High Jump 1.95m – 1st place

Connor Murphy (10Ta) 200m 23.43s – 2nd place, Long Jump 6.33m – 1st place

Benjamin Austin (11Hi) Javelin 53.26m – 1st place

Christian Morfuni (10Ar) Shot Put 13.67m – 5th place

1000m Relay (100m, 300m, 200m, 400m) 2nd place – (Isaac Sharwood, Connor Murphy, Justin McNamara, Luke Cunningham) – 2.07.17s



Team 2.

Isaac Wilkins (10Mu) 100m 11.83s – 4th place, Long Jump 5.26m – 7th place

Alister Buchanan (9Ta) 100m 12.29s – 12th place, 200m 24.28s – 9th place

Benjamin Bishop (10Hi) 800m 2.05.71s – 6th place

Logan Kaye (10Ho) 800m 2.22.11s – 17th place

Ethan Bateman (9WJ) 100mHurdles 14.77s – 4th place, High Jump 1.70m – 6th place

Alex Cameron (10WH) 200m 25.10s – 15th place

Sebastian Buchanan (9Sc) Javelin 45.66m – 2nd place

Michael Eid (9Ke) Shot Put 11.58m – 8th place

1000m Relay (100m,300m,200m,400m) 6th place – (Isaac Wilkins, Alex Cameron, Alister Buchanan, Ethan Bateman) – 2.15.64s


Senior Category results;


  1. Trinity Grammar School – 12,482 points
  2. Barker College – 12,188 points
  3. The Scots College – 11,718 points
  4. Knox Grammar School – 11,330 points


Byron Hollingworth-Dessent (12Sc) 100m 11.41s – 2nd place, 400m 52.08s – 5th place

Sebastien Moir (12Hi) 100m 11.49s – 3rd place, 400m 49.39s – 1st place

Lelland Hui (11Fo) 1500m 4.16.52s – 4th place

Nathaniel Davies (11Ke) 1500m 4.16.95s – 5th place

Albert Swann (12Ar) 110mHurdles 14.59s – 2nd place

Calvin Li (11Ar) Long Jump 6.32m – 1st place

Luke Powell (10Ho) High Jump 1.85m – 3rd  place

Alexander Kolesnikoff (11Ho) Shot Put 16.22m – 1st place

Jonathan Hooper (11Ar) Javelin 40.33m – 3rd place

1600m Relay (800m, 400m, 200m, 200m) 2nd place – (Lelland Hui, Sebastien Moir, Albert Swann, Calvin Li) 3.39.96s



Andrew Murphy | Director of Track and Field