Riverview and St Augustine's Invitational at ES Marks Field on 2nd September, 2017


On an almost perfect day Trinity Track and Field continued to build on its previous weeks results with a large number of personal best performances being achieved. With only 6 more sleeps until the CAS Track and Field Championships it will be imperative that all athletes recover well over the coming week to be ready for what I expect to be a great Championship ahead.

Please find all the photos from the weekend by clicking here.


School Records

Jack Greaves (7We) - broke the 13 years Discus record throwing 40.40m (old record A. Nguyen 2010)

Thomas Virgona (9St) - broke the 15 years 800m record running 2:01.35s (old record R. Lister 2:01.62s 2008).

Albert Swann (12Ar) - broke his own record from two weeks earlier running 14.44s in the Opens 110mHurdles.


Season best performances are as follows;


13 years

Will Cooper (8Hi) - 1500m 4:30.50s

Caiden Cleary (7St) - 800m 2.21.96s, 400m 62.55s

Keelan Stephandellis (7Hi) - 800m 2.40.65s, 400m 71.04s

James Hawkins (7He) - 200m 26.69, 100m 12.60s, Long Jump 4.00m

Martin Wong (7Ta) - 100m 12.60s, High Jump 1.45m

Joshua Alha (7Ho) - 200m 32.05s, 100m 14.72s

Oscar Martin (7Sc) - 200m 27.10s, 100m 13.16s, 400m 62.57s

Sebastien Ghisso (7Fo) - 90mHurdles 16.71s, 100m 13.28s

Lachlan Wolfe (7St) - 90mHurdles 16.82s, 100m 13.59s

Lewis Potter (7Fo) - 1500m 5.00.91s

Lachlan Stubbs (7Ho) - High Jump 1.35m

William Maistry (7Ta) - Long Jump 4.40m

Jack Greaves (7We) - Shot Put 11.04m

Kai Roberts (8La) - Shot Put 10.98m


14 years

Theo Kidd (8WJ) - 100m 11.01s, 200m 23.75s

Finn Murphy (9Ta) - 100m Hurdles 16.18s, High Jump 1.60m

Owen Peck (8Fo) - 4.42.81s, 800m 2.15.31s

Hunter Hannaford (8Du) - 400m 60.83s, Javelin 36.81m

Asher Wilson (9Ar) - 400m 57.45s, 200m 24.85s

Jack Casamir (8WH) - 100m 12.49s, 200m 25.61s

Lachlan Chan (9Fo) - 100m 12.25s

James Kern (8WJ) - 800m 2.22.70s

Fynn Ferdinands (8WJ) - 2.36.20s

Jon-Luc Shalala (8Sc) - Discus 22.82m


15 years

Harry Goldsmith (9La) - 100m 11.57s, 200m 23.61s

Ethan Bateman (9WJ) - Discus 41.96m

Bill Zhu (10La) - 800m 2.16.45s

Michael Eid (9Ke) - 100m 11.90s, Long Jump 4.94m

Miles Amatosero (9Hi) - Shot Put 12.80m

Seamus O’Connor (9Ho) - Javelin 44.45m


16 years

Benjamin Bishop (10Hi) - 800m 2.05.50s, 1500m 4.24.93s

Thomas Spratt (10Mu) - 4.41.98s

Tyeson Street (11WJ) - 1500m 4.35.25s

Eliot Kern (11WJ) - 800m 2.16.31s

Isaac Wilkins (10Mu) - 100m 11.40s

Alex Cameron (10WH) - 100m 11.69s

Isaac Sharwood (10Ho) - 200m 22.95s

Justin McNamara (10Sc) - 200m 23.19s, Discus 42.53m

Connor Murphy (10Ta) - 110mHurdles 15.26s, 100m 11.49s, Long Jump 6.37m

Christian Morfuni (10Ar) - Shot Put 12.85m


17 years

Calvin Li (12Ar) - Long Jump 6.73m.

Sebastien Moir (12Hi) - 110mHurdles 14.86s, 200m 21.85s

Zachary Cameron (12WH) - 200m 22.84s, High Jump 1.80m, 100m 11.06s

Dean Kalliris (11Ke) - 200m 23.26s

Charlie Griffith (11Yo) - 200m 24.99s,

Alex Chow (11Hi) - 800m 2.10.73s, 100m 11.65s, 400m 54.68s

Nathaniel Davies (11Ke) - 800m 2.03.33s

Kash Powell (11Ar) - 800m 2.03.36s

Dylan Zhang (11St) - 800m 2.18.47s

Alexander Douglas (11La) - 11.95s

Leo Kostas (11WH) - 100m 11.85s

Jonno Batson (11WH) - 1500m 4.21.90s

Lelland Hui (11Fo) - 1500m 4.15.90s

Albert Swann (12Ar) - Long Jump 6.34m

Dylan Zhang (11St) - Discus 23.64m

Matthew Teixeira (12Sc) - Javelin 38.35m



Kordell Payne (12Yo) - 200m 22.85s, Shot Put 12.72m

Andrew O’Dea (12La) - 110mHurdles 16.75s, 200m 24.34s

Monty Hannaford (11Du) - 200m 23.72s, 400m 52.52s

William Todd (12Ar) - 800m 2.15.75s

Louis Dennison (12WH) - 100m 11.32s, Long Jump 6.03m

Matthew Teixeira (12Sc) - Javelin 39.23m


Overall some strong results and the number of students participating is encouraging which is illustrating the depth of Track and Field at the school. One final completion remains before the 88th CAS Track and Field Championships.


Andrew Murphy | Director of Track and Field