Worldwide, some 300 million people are said to be active Table Tennis players, and 14 of them were representing Trinity Grammar School at the NSW Table Tennis Schoolboys Shield. The tournament was held in Hurstville on Monday, 28th August, 2017, with some 130 boys from all over Greater Sydney participating. It was a great day of fierce competition between players of all levels. The beauty of the competition is that it is a truly "open" competition and our players faced both top State players and players that played at the same level as they did. The luck of the draw meant that some of our boys received lessons in humility thanks to the amazing skill, spin and speed of their opponents. Others, however, were able to shine in fierce combats and close matches against other "mere mortals .”

Most of our teams did not make it into the second stage of the tournament, notable exceptions being Felix Kerameas (12Fo) and Jordan Kougias (12Ke), and Gajan Arulthevan (12WH) and Ned Hatton-Ward (11Sc) who won their respective groups, but after lunch, were quickly eliminated in their first finals matches against teams from Fort Street High and Kingsgrove High.

Since the focus of the day is on playing Table Tennis, the organisers of the tournament, dedicated volunteers from Table Tennis NSW, entered every player who did not reach the knockout stage of the competition into a consolation round in which singles matches were played. Here two of our players managed to shine and battled their way into the semi-finals: Tom Jin (9Yo) and Joshua Yeoh (9Sc). While Joshua had to bow out, maybe due to the fact that he was wearing a "moon boot" to help a stress fracture in his foot heal, Tom made it into the final and took "revenge" on the boy who had beaten his friend Josh, and thus managed to win the consolation round!  Well done, Tom!

Congratulations to all our players, who stood out from the crowd, once more due to their sportsmanship and their keen and passionate involvement throughout the day.

Andreas Mickler